Is Coaching for me?

Coaching typically works best in situations where you already have some basic mastery of a role and are looking to improve further.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is used where you want to improve a skill, or modify a behaviour.  The Coach does not have to have expertise in the specific area – they have skills in the process of performance improvement.

Through a process of guided questioning, the coach will help you to clarify your goals, obstacles and alternative approaches as well as resources open to you.  You then decide on your course of action.  Finally, your coach can help to hold you accountable to your action plan.

Training This is where you want to learn a new skill.  Usually the trainer has knowledge and experience in the skill being taught.  The idea is to transfer the knowledge to you and then you practice the skill to improve.

Mentoring  Often a more experienced person will mentor someone new to a role or a company.  They will have knowledge of the company’s ‘way of doing things’ and can give guidance based on their previous experience.  As with training the basic idea is to transfer knowledge from the mentor to you.

Leadership Coaching is not therapy or counselling, if it becomes clear during our discussions that an alternative to coaching would be more appropriate I can refer you to other practitioners.

Common Reasons for seeking a Coach

Building Management Skills whether you are new to a role or you have been a leader for years, coaching will improve your skills and confidence as a manager.  It might be managing upwards,  dealing with subordinates, or balancing priorities that you want help with.

Modifying a behaviour that you recognise is not always helpful to you. A coach can work with you to understand what triggers you. Then alternative responses you could use.

Transitioning whether you are starting a new job or looking to change your current one, coaching can help you prioritise the areas you need to work on to build your confidence and ensure your success.

Moving up a level in the organisation can seem daunting at times, especially when you are expected to exude confidence to your peers and team.  Having someone with an external perspective can help you to be strategic as you plan your move.

Work Life balance sometimes there can seem to be just too much going on and you struggle to juggle competing priorities.  A series of coaching sessions can help you to take a step back and reflect on what is most important to you. Then plan to adjust your priorities whilst remaining true to your values.

If you are interested in a brief discussion to find out if coaching is the best approach for you right now, just contact me  and we can arrange a call.